Sunday, January 11, 2015

Transparency is NOT bragging!

I ran across this post in my Twitter feed this weekend, as I was writing my own version of 
"I shipped in 2014" inspired by the blog post below by Doug Johnson.

I shipped in 2014 - you can too

Doesn't matter whether it was a hit or not, it just matters that you shipped it. Shipping something that scares you ... is the entire point.. from What did you ship in 2010? by Seth Godin
"What did you ship?" is a great question for all of us to ask ourselves. What, beyond just doing one's job, did you accomplish (not try to do, not intend to do, not think about doing, not hope to get done, not plan to do - but actually DO) in 2014? What did you do that was a little bit scary? That you might have drawn criticism for? That may changed the world just a little bit?
In writing about what "I shipped",  the intention is not to brag, but to be transparent. What I do is not that unusual. It is just that I make a habit of sharing and I encourage all of my colleagues to do so as well. I think this is especially important for those of us in the school library world during this time of change, when the relevance of the school library/school librarian isn't obvious and many programs are fighting for their existence. Let the world know what you are doing.

What is obvious to you might be amazing to others.

I try to always "expect more" of myself and last year I did some new things, forcing myself out of my comfort zone. 

I shipped in 2014 - You can too


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  • Iowa Association of School Librarians - Chair, Professional Development and Conference
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  1. Kathy, you are AMAZiNG and an inspiration to all of us. Please continue your leadership in librarianship and education. Thank you.