Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Do 3rd and 4th graders use technology?

October is Cyber Safety and Bully Prevention month, so during 3rd and 4th grade Media Center specials, we have spent a lot of time learning about and discussing digital citizenship and online safety. 

To get a feel for how much technology they are using, I had them take a quick survey. The results are below (the 171 responses represent a sampling of the 10 classes).

Not all students have access to a computer at home.

Some of those that do have computers do not access the web.

Asking for parental permission to use the computer is not necessarily required.

The majority of students have some sort of tablet or smartphone at home.

But not all of them use those devices to get on the web.

Asking for parental permission to use those devices isn't necessarily required.

The majority of students have non-school accounts which require them to login. 

Most students have internet access. Some are not sure.

Game playing is their favorite thing to do, with watching videos being close behind.

About half use their access to do school work.

Students are confident about their ability to use the web. 

There is a range of trust regarding the information they find.

Most students like technology (but not 100%)

Most students think technology can help them learn.

  • Students don't necessarily understand basic technology concepts like "web" and "internet access".
  • Not all students have ready access to technology when they are not in school.
  • They over estimate their skill levels.
  • They have a degree of skepticism about web content.
  • Not all students love using technology.

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