Monday, March 5, 2012

Adoption of technology at Solon CSD

There were two interesting articles about education in the Gazette this weekend.

and an accompanying piece:

The 3rd grade class at the school cited above was doing a travel planning project using Google Earth. It reminded me a lot of a similar project we did last year with 4th graders, which was highlighted on the SCSD Technology Corner. This year, our 4th graders have Google accounts, so they will be able to create and share their own maps and use the spreadsheet function to track their dream expenditures. 

At Lakeview, teachers are using our technology in a wide variety of creative ways. 

  • A 3rd grade class, students recorded essays about United States presidents with Blabberize. (imagine Thomas Jefferson talking to you) and
  • In a first grade class, the teacher borrowed iPads from other classrooms and students wrote and illustrated their own books using ScribblePress.
  • The 6th grade Language Arts teacher put the finishing touches on a slideshow featuring parents and kids - the topic: bullying. 

Those are just the examples I was involved with. It doesn't include the camera equipped balloon Mr Cornally was describing to me in the commons at lunch time!

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