Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Since the holidays, I've heard a bit of buzz in staff lounges and in hallways about the various devices everyone has gotten recently, mostly for the holidays.

I monitor bunches of lists and Twitter hashtags that review and feature great apps - many of them free and I find myself wishing I knew who to push out the information to. I've sent out a few scoops, but I feel bad when I think I have missed someone.

So here is a form. If you want me to send you occasional email links when I run across something you might like, just fill it in and wait...

Another very viable option is to collect your own. It isn't hard. I use a combination of Diigo list subscriptions, blog subscriptions and Twitter hashtags. Let me know if you would like some help setting up your personalized feeds.

Don't forget to check out the Google spreadsheet I have shared with all SCSD staff.

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