Monday, August 22, 2011

What I said...

I am looking forward to a fantastic school year working with all of you! Be sure to check out the content on the Media Services Staff Support site and feel free to recommend content. It is a work in progress. (Remember, this is limited to our Google domain. You need to be signed into to your Google account in order to access it).

Want to know where I am and what I am doing? Check my calendar. It isn't always 100% accurate, but I try to predict my activities and schedule myself at the beginning of the school day. It isn't interactive, so you will need to contact me if you want to book a time. 

I try to have iChat and Skype open all the time, but I am often away from my computer. Ping me and if I am available, I will respond. I do check my email often as well, even in the evenings and before I leave for work...

We are off and running!

Never interrupt me when I'm reading a book!

Thank you to the SHS staff for being good sports and cooperating in a very quickly planned "flashmob". It was goofy and fun.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Here comes the school year!


I'm going to try something new this year and start blogging just for the staff at SCSD.

I'm sure you have noticed that I send quite a few emails. What you probably don't know is that I keep hundreds of received and sent messages in my archive for future reference and that I use them all the time.

My plan is to archive the more generic information here so that anyone in the district can have access.

I will still send out email reminders when new info is posted.

The first big post is on its way shortly and will include information about our new databases and our new online catalog.

Stay tuned!

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