Saturday, October 1, 2011

When I go to other schools or look around our own buildings, I am fascinated by how teachers make technology work in their classrooms even though the facilities are not designed for it (not enough electrical outlets, for example) or funding is inadequate for the carts or furniture that makes the technology easier to use (like carts designed specifically to house/charge Apple laptops or iPads).

Recently, we added document cameras to the suite of tools available for classroom teachers. We did not purchase specialized carts for the doc cams, so we had to make the most of what we had. After attending a tech learning conference at Van Meter and seeing that this internationally known 1:1 school was doing pretty much the same thing, it was obvious - you don't have to have a perfect environment with state of the art design, equipment, sound, seating (etc.) for meaningful and exciting learning to take place (although it would be great...)

Here are some of the creative ways our staff has incorporated document cameras into their physical space:

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